Onboard new employees quickly and professionally


The Problem

Paper based onboarding processes for new employees are slow, cumbersome and highly inefficient, often leading to first choice candidates taking alternative offers due to the delays. The candidates who do accept the offer can encounter various problems due to the manual process that can generate a negative first impression of the business, that is often hard to change. All of this can be easily avoided with a cloud based onboarding solution.

The Solution

Onboard Express is easily implemented as it requires no new hardware or software, and delivers a return on investment within months and improves efficiency by more than 100%, and significantly reduces HR operational costs. This is achieved by implementing an automated employment contract assembly solution, including a workflow approval process, as well as delivering the contract and personalised onboarding pack via a secure internet portal.

The Onboarding Process

Onboard Express starts with onboarding packs being prepared, reviewed and sent electronically. The candidate then reviews the offer, enters details only once, which pre-populates all eForms, and can digitally approve them online. Once accepted, the system sends forms and documents to relevant departments, e.g. IT and payroll, for processing.

Key Features & Benefits

Letter of Offer Assembly

  • Highly configurable letters of offer

    Multiple letters of offer stored on the system and customised specific to the offer made to a candidate

  • Document control

    Dynamically switch on and off specific clauses and pages within a contract

  • Internal review

    Allows letter of offer, terms & conditions and information packs to be reviewed and approved/rejected before being issued

Acceptance / eForms

  • Candidate welcome portal

    Online acceptance of company policies and welcome information such as corporate videos sent with the letter of offer

  • Smart eForms with instant validation

    Once only data input of core employee data

  • Digital or wet signature approvals

    Allows electronic forms to be legally binding, with additional digital security validation steps via your mobile phone


  • ID verification

    Online and offline verifications including drivers licence, passport and mobile PIN security

  • Security

    Unique processing to satisfy privacy handling, e.g. Tax File Number storage

  • Department alerts and systems integration

    The system sends notifications and documentation to IT and payroll to set up for the new starter and can integrate with recruitment or payroll systems


The Dashboard

This is the dashboard view that a HR Manager would work with. It provides a snapshot of the status of all candidates being onboarded (e.g. if under peer review or prepare offer stage) and allows you to create new candidates and onboarding packs.

Contract Assembly

This screen indicates how the contract is assembled. The HR Manager adds in known fields to prepare the letter of offer and all relevant forms, policy documents and documents relevant to the specific candidate. Once completed, it is sent off for internal reviews.

Candidate Portal

A new candidate receives a secure login via email to a candidate portal which contains a letter of offer and all relevant forms and policy documents that have been pre-prepared. It generally includes a video of the company and other marketing material.

Digital Acceptance

Once a new candidate is happy to accept the letter of offer and all forms and policy documents, the system allows electronic forms to be legally binding, with additional digital security validation steps. The system provides a full audit trail of the offer and policy acceptances.

I'm a HR Manager ...

As a HR Manager, you want to get your new candidates onboarded quickly and efficiently. You don't want to spend time preparing onboarding packs, couriering them out to candidates, chasing them up to be returned, and potentially having to scan them in for record keeping.

  • Reduce costs and administration time by onboarding staff quickly
  • Secure legally binding digital acceptance with ID checking increases speed to acceptance times
  • Snapshot view of status of candidates via a dashboard
  • Employ more of your 1st choice candidates quickly by gaining letter of offer acceptance quickly
  • Improve your overall employee retention rates by having an efficient onboarding system

I'm a new Employee ...

When you start a new role, you are faced with time consuming forms and paperwork to complete, which often requires the same information.

  • Never enter the same data twice on forms, saving you time and creating a fantastic impression of your new company
  • On accepting your letter of offer, you can see all conditions, policies and corporate information to really understand your new company
  • The onboarding process can be completed from any computer, and completed at your convenience
  • The electronic onboarding process is so impressive and easy to use, it reinforces that I'm joining a leading edge company

Case Study

A large Australian financial institution regularly provide induction packs and forms for new employees, temporary staff and contractors and for transferring staff internally. They had 10-20 separate forms that had to be completed, were couriered and then scanned back in for record keeping.

Our client implemented Onboard Express and now all core personal information is loaded into the system and the applicant is sent an email requesting document completion. Information is entered only once and populated onto all forms. Once completed, forms are signed, returned or digitally approved. The system then redirects the forms to relevant departments for processing, e.g. payroll and for security checking.

  • Inductees don't have to rekey data onto multiple forms, and errors are eliminated
  • HR administration costs to process new applicants are significantly reduced
  • Documents don't go missing and are stored safely online

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